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Brinkmann Smokers

The brinkmann smokers are complete wooden handle upright smokers for smokers 450-7506-0. Made of durable materials, these smokers provide the user with all the power they need to take on the day-to-day challenges of smoking. The wooden handle also adds a touch of luxury to any smoking experience.

Replacement Smoker pans  13 3/4" and 12 3/4"

Deals for Brinkmann Smokers

Looking for a new smoking element? look no further than the brinkmann smokers! This element is durable and easy to use, making it a great choice for the most complete and professional smokehouse experience. With a variety of options to choose from, we have the perfect smokehouse instrument for your needs. From the moment you turn on the smoker, the first thing that comes is the brinkmann smokers' obligatory electric heating element. This ensures even smoke and heat distribution, making it easy to manage and cook with. With an easy to use interface and a great overall experience, the brinkmann smokers are the perfect tool for any smokeserver.
the brinkmann smokers are a great way to get your smoking fix without spending too much money. This kit includes just the grill hardware and an all in one smoking box. The grill is easy to operate with just one key pad and a no-nonsense design. The smoker is reliable and efficient with perfect temperature regulation. It's the perfect tool for the sort of smoking that you want and the perfect box to provide it with.
this brinkmann smokers has a unique design that is perfect for either smoking dry cigarettes or crisp cigarettes in a single layer true aluminum pan that will not corrode or require any painting. The grill is also deep-fried anodized aluminum for an even higher level of durability. Plus, it comes with a lava rock charcoal replacement pan to make your smoking experience even more engaging.